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ZooLaa's Automotive Ultra-bright Pocket Work Light

ZooLaa's Automotive Ultra-bright Pocket Work Light

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ZooLaa's premium ultra-bright pocket light includes two flashlight options.

1. An intense COB on the side for very wide and bright illumination, enough to light up a room.

2. A smaller COB at the top for more of a flashlight beam with two intensity settings.

This is the exact light that ZooLaa carries in his camel sack just in case he runs into danger while traveling through the cold Arabian desert nights.

Ok, you may not need ZooLaa's pocket light to dodge a poisonous snake... but you may need it while working under the hood.

That's where the ultra strong mounting magnet with adjustable base can come in handy for you.

Not to mention the handy telescoping mini magnet located at the top which can help you retrieve that lost bolt or kidney bean... ugh, yeah...

The light is cool, and we want you to have one so you can think of ZooLaa every time you use it knowing that he's out there searching for the coolest products for you, day in and day out!


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