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Atom X20 and X21 Spray Gun Replacement Insurance Plan (12 months)

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Be safe and know that if you damage or drop your spray gun, you're covered, 100%!

We've never seen anything like this and thought it was a great idea. We've asked the community and people loved it. Here's what we are offering on all new Atom X20 and X21 spray gun orders.

Add this policy to your order and get 12 full months of bullet-proof coverage added to your spray gun. If anything happens to it... You drop it on it's tip, damage the air cap, bend your cup, damage your trigger, bust a knob, we'll replace it with a brand new spray gun!

Even if you fail to clean it correctly and it starts spraying bad after 11 months, we'll send you a brand new one!

All you'll need to do is send us a photo of your spray gun and help us with a small flat rate shipping and handling charge of $25. And we will rush you a brand new replacement spray gun faster than you can blink!

*This policy can only be purchased at the time of your new Atom X20 or X21 spray gun order (or within 30 days of a recent spray gun order).