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DTA 2K Epoxy 1:1 Primer - 1 Gallon Kit

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The HP series epoxy primers are DTA (Direct to ANYTHING) and provide exceptional chemical adhesion.

Unlike many other epoxy primers these are very soft sanding and have outstanding color holdout properties with no shrinkage.

HP epoxies may be used as a non-sanding primer-sealer and can be recoated without sanding for up to 7 days.

These primers do not contain any vinyl which means there will be no orange peel!

Our formulations are made from the same propriety resin used by Boeing on their aircraft.

This product was not designed for high build but rather to provide a solid corrosion foundation.

We recommend our HP-5000 series primers for high build. HP epoxies come in grey, black and white.

More Details:

Tamco HP661-2-3 series epoxy. White, black and grey options.

1:1 mix ratio. 7 day window to topcoat, do bodywork over without having to sand it period.

After 7 days, you need to sand it and move on. If you want another 7 day window, re topcoat it again. This sprays slick, super slick. No peel. (Like PPG's DP series epoxy has.

It's the perfect foundation for long restorations. Can sit in the elements as needed.

Perfect over anything, its Direct to Anything! Perfect for fiberglass and aluminum too.