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DTM 2K High Build 4:1 Primer - 1 Quart Kit

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When designing the formulation for our 5310 series primer we looked at what was available on the market, and and what people in the refinish industry really wanted.

We then formulated a primer that is completely unique in the industry.

How so?

Well, many restoration shops use a polyester primer for its build properties to get laser straight panels.

The downside to polyester is that it isn't catalyzed and can crack when applied too heavy.

Not only that, it is extremely hard to sand.

When you use an un-catalyzed product, it becomes a weak point in your finish.

As you already know, your foundation is the most important step on any collision or restoration project.

Keeping that in mind we developed a primer that builds like a polyester, is a true direct to metal, doesn't crack, won't shrink on sand scratches, is easy sanding and can even be reduced as a sealer.

We combined all those things into one product to make your job easier and saves you more time and more money.

Little breakdown on the details.... 

HP5310 primer is DTM  *The Gateway Primer*

You can spray direct to metal, not just small metal sections. This can be used in place of epoxy on different occasions and projects.

This primer should be topcoated ideally within 2-3 months.

It's never meant to stay outside Untopcoated.... (like epoxy can be). Store inside only, meaning do not leave it in the elements. This primer has a perfect amount of flexibility built in. It's not brittle and prone to cracking (as poly filler "primers" are)

This primer will not shrink.

It's 65% solids. Builds like crazy, It can be sanded in as soon as 45 minutes, Blocks like butter! Temperatures come into play with sanding times.

It can be mixed 4:1:2 and turned into A DTM sealer.It may be "value shaded", we offer several colors.

This primer Is NOT modeled after another. It's completely unique to Tamco.

Nothing like it on the market.

And once you use it, you'll know.

It's extremely thick. It's meant to be. Most spray reduced about 10% with a urethane reducer. Some 4:1 with a 2-2.2 tip no reducer.

The more you reduce, the more the build will be cut.

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