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Zen Wax™ High-Performance Spray Wax

Zen Wax™ High-Performance Spray Wax

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Zen Wax High-Performance Spray Wax. One 16oz bottle of Zen Wax formula.

ZEN WAX, by X-Finishes, is the most advanced earth-friendly spray wax in its class. This formula is scientifically created by a leading team of chemists in Tampa, Florida that have been in the automotive chemical industry since the early ’90s.

Many spray waxes on the market today simply do not carry the key polymer ingredients that are contained in this premium product


Before getting started, shake Zen Wax thoroughly to activate Ploycharger™

Step 1: Make sure the paint surface is clean and free of derbies. You may want to clay bar paint surfaces that are extremely contaminated before spraying Zen Wax.
Step 2: Spray Zen Wax onto a microfiber cloth, or directly onto the surface you are restoring 1-2sqft at a time, and rub on in a circular motion.
Step 3: Allow 7 seconds for PolychargerTM to dry and penetrate into the surface, then rub the wax off with a separate dry microfiber cloth. Continue to the next area. *Be sure to rip off the tags from your new cloth to prevent scratches.

ZEN WAX Restores and Protects a Multitude of Surfaces:

Automotive Paint and Clear-Coats - Gel-Coat - Single Stage Paint - Lacquer - Plastic Bumpers and Lenses - Glass - Rubber Trim - Moldings - Chrome & More!


Water, Japanese cypress fragrance, Polycharger additive, and a proprietary blend of acrylic and synthetic polymer ingredients.


SKIN - May cause irritation to a susceptible person. EYE IRRITANT - If eye contact is made, flush with cool water. Do not take internally. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid using near automotive paint booth environments. Seller and manufacture liability will not exceed the retail purchase price of the product.


ZEN WAX is an eco-friendly fresh smelling solution that packs a BIG BANG. Zen Wax carries acrylic and synthetic blends of advanced polymers that are essential for maximum protection against the elements.

With Boosted Polycharger, Zen Wax keeps your finishes protected & sealed longer than your average carnauba, or spray wax through a unique cross-linking polymer technology.

In lab tests, Zen Wax lasted 10x longer than the competition in car washes.

ZEN WAX will give you the ultimate protection, shine, relentless water beading, amazing gloss, and slickness without nasty residue or hazing.

Now you can wax on, wax off, with the power of ZEN WAX!

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