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Premium Pearls & Flakes

Discover a world of cosmic color pearls and flakes..  X Finishes takes organic pearl to the next level.

Test out the finest blends of organic pearls and flakes. Add them to your clearcoat or intercoat to create custom and stunning paint jobs that will attract mass attention!

X-Finishes pearls and flakes are guaranteed to make your paint job pop! Add one 3oz bag to a complete paint job to get a mild to medium affect, and add two bags (6oz) to completely change the look of your paint job.

When spraying with pearls and flake; the color tone, contrast and affect will vary. All base coat colors will give your a single pearl color a certain look. You will also get a completely deeper color and pearlescent look depending on how many coats of pearl you spray over your base coat.

It is advised to spray a small test card, or panel to test out what your color combination will look like

To keep things simple, you will most likely not go wrong when sticking to the same base/pearl color combination. For instance, if you're spraying a blue or blue metallic basecoat, a blue pearl or flake will look good over the color.

If you spray a red pearl over a blue basecoat, you would end up with a purple toned look. It's all up to your imagination when it comes to pearls and flakes. Let it run wild! Happy spraying!

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