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Quik Kup System Disposable Paint Cups (QKS 25 Jobber Pack)

Quik Kup System Disposable Paint Cups (QKS 25 Jobber Pack)

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The Quik Kup Disposable Paint Cup System is compatible with 3M PPS Cup systems and adapters. QKS is not a 3M product*

Not only does Q.K.S help you save precious time, but it also saves you a whole lotta hassle and mess while you're in work mode.

Isn't it time that you avoid the nag of clean up, and focus on getting things done?

Introducing the clean, fast, proven, and tested "Quik Kup System!"

Here's what you get in each QKS 25 Jobber Pack:

  • 25 Pc. Premium Disposable (125 mic) Filtered Lids

  • 25 Pc. Premium Disposable Clear Liners

  • 10 Pc. Kup Plugs To Store Paint 

  • 1 Pc. Hard Outer Kup With ML and OZ Readings (as well as a printed mixing ratio helper)

  • 1 Pc. Collar To Seal Kup System

Similar systems sell for $50.00

*ADAPTERS For Quik Kup System sold separately*

*If you are looking for the spray gun adapter that will transform your full-size ATOM X20, X21, or X27 spray gun to use the Quik Kup System, see below.

- This is the same #2 female adapter that 3M uses for their PPS system (aluminum version). You can use this adapter to use QKS on your standard size spray gun.

- Here is the (plastic version) #2 female adapter

*If you'd like a QKS system to fit the Mini X16 spray gun, you will need a smaller adapter. 

Click here for the smaller adapter that will allow you to use QKS on the Atom Mini X16 spray gun.

Key Features and Benefits of Q.K.S.

  • 3 Convenient sizes to chose from.
      1. 400ml (11.8oz)
      2. 650ml (20.3oz)
      3. 850ml (28.7oz)
  • Spray from any angle (even upside down with no leaks)...

  • Less operator exposure to solvents and reduction in VOC's

  • Quicker system - Mixing to getting the job done, and waste disposal 

  • Sealed system - No outside contamination entry

  • Up to 80% savings from your cleaning solvents

  • Up to 80% time savings from setting up and cleaning up your guns

  • Enables painters to control the paint better, and mix less paint if needed

  • Easy mixing directly in Quik Kup System - No separate paint mixing cups needed

This is an affordable and smaller package solution to the 3M PPS and the DeVilbiss DeKups paint cup systems. This is not a 3M product or 3M system

Q.K.S. was created and packaged for DIY users to take advantage of, as well as professional shops that want a more affordable option to choose from without compromising quality.

We're positive that you'll love how the Quik Kup System works out for you!

Please post reviews below :) 

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