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Quik Kup System Adapter - PPS 3M #2

PPS Style #2 Aluminum Spray Gun Adapter 16003 for Quik Kup System, 3M PPS

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PPS #2 Style Aluminum Paint Cup Adapter for Disposable Quik Kup System, 3M PPS.

This female adapter will fit most conventional spray guns including all ATOM X20, X21, and X27 spray gun models.

It will allow you to convert your spray gun to use the 3M PPS systems, or the "QKS Jobber Pack" kits that ZooLaa offers.

If you would like to purchase the new plastic version, check it out here. The benefit of the plastic version is that it will not harm your spray gun thread, and could allow for a better seal on your gun.

It is recommended to use plumbers tape when screwing this to your spray gun for proper sealing.

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