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ATOM Mini X16 Professional Mini Spray Gun HVLP

ATOM Mini X16 Professional Mini Spray Gun HVLP

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"Introducing The ATOM MINI X16 HVLP Professional Spray Gun" 

The ATOM, professionally designed in Dallas. TX. USA. and manufactured in Asia.

The ATOM Series spray guns are nowhere to be found, only here. They are the NEWEST line of superb technology spray guns on the market.

The ATOM MINI X16 HVLP Waterborne/Solvent spray gun order comes with a 100ml/4oz plastic cup, stainless steel threading/inserts, and you also get a mini air regulator included for FREE. A $29.95 value.

Sprays like an IWATA withOUT the IWATA price tag.

Side by side, we've tested these guns and you will not be able to tell the difference. The end result and high-gloss that you get from the ATOM are simply speechless. Get Japanese and German-style craftsmanship, quality and performance - guaranteed.

Now you can get the finest ATOMIZATION and direct application spray gun on the market for less than half the cost of your normal high-end spray gun. Why spend $700 or more, when you can get the same pro finishes and more at direct prices?



Benefits of HVLP include more coverage and less paint wastage. Transfer efficiency can be as high as 85%. The quality of finish is identical to the best high-pressure spray finishes. 

Tip Size: 1.0 and 1.2 Standard tips available for all around automotive paint and woodwork refinishing.

You can now easily and efficiently spray single stage paints, base coat clear coat and waterborne systems. The 1.2 tip also allows you to spray any metallic paints as well as micro-sequence metal flakes.

Your ATOM MINI X16 Spray Gun:

Operating Pressure: 4-7CFM @ 20-29PSI

FAN WIDTH: 6.3″ With 1.0 Tip.

Weight: .64 lbs

Aluminum Forged Gun Body

Stainless Steel Nozzle and Needle

HVLP Technology

100ml/4oz Plastic Cup with EZ-Fit Non-Spill Lid - (a 300ml 10oz cup is available for purchase separately). 

Powder Coated Dark Steel Finish for Easy Cleaning and Lasting Looks

Anodized Black and Gold Air Flow and Material Flow Knobs and X16 Black/Gold Air Cap

1/4" Male NPT Thread Air Inlet

Includes Brush, Spanner Wrench, and Cleaning Kit

Mini Air Regulator (included for free) a $29.95 value.

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