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GunBudd™ Universal Spray Gun Advanced COB Lighting System

GunBudd™ Universal Spray Gun Advanced COB Lighting System

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GunBudd™ Turn any spray gun into a beam of light while painting your projects!

GunBudd is a universal spray gun light system that will fit on any spray gun cup. It will help you shine a beaming light on your paint projects to make sure that you get the job done right!

Say goodbye to poorly lit areas in your spray booth, or DIY garage. Just snap on Gunbudd, and spray away as the COB bright light enhances your view like nothing you've ever seen!

GunBudd allows for more precise spray painting. You'll have an easier time seeing what you're painting which will also make color blending projects a breeze.

What are you waiting for? Snap on a GunBudd today and see what you've been missing!

GunBudd is in Patent Pending status. All rights reserved.

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