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Quik Kup System - Automotive Spray Gun Disposable Cup System


The Quik Kup System could be your new best friend in your garage, or shop!


Quik Kup System by ZooLaa

Not only does it save your precious time, it saves a whole lotta hassle and mess while your in work mode. Q.K.S. Helps you focus on what needs to be done, and to avoid the nag of clean up.

Introducing the clean, fast, proven and tested... "Quik Kup System"
by ZooLaa.

Multiple Quik Kup System sizes are coming soon in the 400ml (11.83oz), 600ml (20.28oz), and in the large 850ml (27.02oz) options.

This will be an affordable solution to the 3M PPS and the DeVilbiss DeKups systems.

Q.K.S. was created and packaged for DIY users to take advantage of as well as professional shops who want a more affordable option to chose from without compromising quality.

We're positive that you'll love how the Quik Kup System works. Wait until you see the price and package sizes that'll be available soon.

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